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Hye guyss ^ ^, we're from S & R Home Made Chocolate makes a variety of homemadechocolates from the home(freshly made for the chocolate lovers). We are making chocolate as a gifts, corporate gifts, birthday presents, gifts wedding / engagement and others occasions.We also provide delivery service to our customer by sending using SKYNET courier.Hope our beloved customers will enjoy to see the photos and sample of our chocolate,cakes and cupcakes.Its almost gorgeous and definitely make you craving for it ! ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

~Aneka Bahulu~~

Tempahan untuk perayaan sudah dibuka.
Filling : Chocolate nut,Vanilla,strawberry,Nenas.

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~ Bahulu Nenas~

Filling : strawberry.

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Tempahan untuk perayaan sudah dibuka.
Tempahan yg bnyak boleh dpt special price.

Dijamin halal 100 % :)

~Bahulu Gulung Nenas~

Enak dimakan dan sesuai juga untuk sebarang majlis.

Tempahan untuk perayaan sudah dibuka.

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Dijamin halal 100 %
Tempahan yang banyak boleh dapat special price dr snr chocolate.

Dijamin sedap :)